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The Beninese people are  people of artists. Court art, religious art and utilitarian craftsmanship coexist harmoniously.

In the heart of the city of Cotonou, there is the Center of Artisan Promotion (CPA) where are sold works of art of any kind.

In the center of the country, Abomey's craftsmanship perpetuates the prestigious achievements of the former Dahomey where an essentially royal art was developed. The region of Gbannanmè is famous for its woodcarvings. The regions of Kétou and Porto-Novo are centers of Yoruba Art

The cult Guèlèdè is practiced by the Yoruba and Nago of Benin. This Guèlèdè cult pays tribute to the power of elderly women (whether living or not)

During the festivities of this cult the participants wear masks sculpted in the form of head, crowned with an elaborate headdress or a representation of daily activity like on the helmets Epa.

The craftsmen, grouped within the National Confederation of Craftsmen of Benin (CNAB), constitute a professional body which actively participates in the strengthening of the national economy. There are six (06) Chambers regrouped in Union of Interdepartmental Chambers of Trade of Benin (UCIMB).

Specialties: building, food, metals and mechanical engineering, vegetable fibers, textiles, clothing, leather and skins, art and decoration, installation, maintenance, repair and repairs; Electronic and cold, hygiene and body care, are represented in the CNAB.


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