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Benin community in Qatar is invited to join the embassy for activities related to the arrival of the President of the Republic H.E Patrce TALON in Qatar from 6 to 8 may   2018

Participation of the Benin community in the activities of the Head of State's visit to Qatar



 All Benin citizens residing in Qatar need to register at the embassy through this website to enable us to create a database of all Benin citizens within this jurisdiction which is vital / essential to provide an effective service .


As part of the preparation of electronic identity files of Beninese of the diaspora, the Embassy has the honor to invite Beninese nationals living in Qatar to register, by downloading the consular card application form here


In addition, the Embassy invites all compatriots to mobilize for their mass registration during the passage of the teams of the National Treatment Center of the Orientation and Supervision Council of the Electronic Permanent Electoral List (CNT / COS-LEPI) in Doha, to take Biometric Data that will be used, among other things, for the 2016 Presidential Election. Details on the date of passage of these teams will be communicated to you as soon as possible.


The Ambassador thanks all members of the Beninese Community for their constant availability.





The Embassy has the honor to inform all Beninese nationals in Qatar of the new arrangements made by the competent Beninese authorities prior to the embarkation of any passenger bound for Benin.


These arrangements are as follows:


1- Any Beninese passenger holding only a foreign passport must have a valid visa regularly obtained at a diplomatic representation of Benin abroad;


2- Any Beninese passenger holding both a foreign passport and a Beninese passport, both (2) valid, is not subject to the entry visa to Benin;



3- Any Beninese passenger holding both a foreign passport and a Beninese passport or a valid Benin identity card, that is to say, expires, is bound by the visa issued by a diplomatic representation Benin abroad or by the Emigration and Immigration Directorate.


As a result, all members of the Beninese community are urged to scrupulously respect these provisions.






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