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There are many and diverse hotel infrastructures in Benin. Visitors will easily find an accommodation according to their wish and budget both in big cities and in remote areas in the country. 

These are just a few examples of hotels in Benin:



Bénin Marina Hôtel

Bénin Marina Hôtel is a four-star complex with 200 rooms, 7 conference and meeting rooms, 2 restaurants, 3 bars, a swimming pool with two-sections as well as sporting facilities.

The hotel is located by the Atlantic Ocean, 5 mn from Cardinal Bernardin GANTIN International Airport of Cotonou.


Hôtel Novotel Cotonou Orisha

Located a short distance from Cardinal Bernardin GANTIN International Airport of Cotonou, Novotel Cotonou Orisha is a four-star hotel with 110 rooms of all kinds. It also has five conference rooms.


Ibis Hotel

Ibis Hotel is located close to Cardinal Bernardin GANTIN International Airport of Cotonou, a few minutes from city-centre, on the same site as Hôtel Novotel Cotonou Orisha. Ibis is a two-star hotel with 101 rooms.






Hôtel du Lac

This hotel is located by the Lagoon of Cotonou, just after crossing the 3rd Bridge. Its location makes it easy to connect to city-centre, to the business district, to the industrial district as well as to the main roads eastwards to Nigeria and westwards to Togo and Ghana. The hotel is served by a shuttle from the airport.

It has 54 standard air-conditioned rooms, 12 superior rooms and 4 suites.


Azalaï Hotel de la Plage

This four-star hotel is located in the business district of Cotonou, only 10 minutes car drive from Cotonou airport.

The hotel has ultramodern conference rooms and 120 luxury rooms.


Bénin Royal Hotel

This is a four-star hotel located in Cotonou city centre, a few minutes from Cardinal Bernardin GANTIN International Airport.

It has 65 air-conditioned rooms, a gastronomic restaurant, a restaurant with swimming pool, a lounge-bar with billiards and four conference rooms.



Porto-Novo, the capital city of Benin, harbours many hotel facilities capable of accommodating visitors, tourists and all sorts of conferences and seminars.

These are a few:

Hôtel Les Ambassadeurs

Hôtel Les Ambassadeurs is in city centre, in the neighbourhood of Catchi.

It is a two-star hotel with 40 rooms.

Telephone: +229 64 82 84 84

Freedom Palace Hotel

Freedom Palace Hotel is located on “Boulevard Extérieur” in the neighbourhood of Avakpa. Opened in 2013, the hotel proposes air-conditioned rooms, VIP rooms and a bar/ restaurant.

Tel: +229 20 22 25 05

Mobile : +229 97 39 71 21



CTA BIMYNS is situated in the village of Wêkê, a short distance from the entrance to the city of Porto-Novo. The hotel is built in a quiet area and has various kinds of rooms, conference rooms and a zoo.



The city of Ouidah, located twenty minutes away from Cotonou, is mostly known for serving as a transit point for slaves deported to the Americas. It still has highly symbolic remnants of slave trade as well as many accommodation venues for tourists.

Benin Diaspora Auberge

This is a two-star hotel in Ouidah. It is a tourist resort built according to both traditional and modern architecture.


Casa Del Papa

Casa Del Papa is situated on the beach of Ouidah, not far from the “Gate of No Return” monument. It has rooms and bungalows both on seaside and on lagoon side. Many recreational activities are available at Casa Del Papa, including ecotourism.



Located by the Atlantic Ocean, the city of Grand-Popo offers tourists a serene environment with many recreational activities. Many hotels are in Grand-Popo, including:

Hôtel Bel Azur

Bel Azur Bénin hotel proposes rooms and bungalows built according to African architecture. Some rooms are built on stilts. Presidential suites are also available.


Millenium Popo Beach Hotel

Millenium Popo Beach Hotel is located in the district of Agoué in the Municipality of Grand-Popo. It has standard rooms, bungalows, ministerial and presidential suites as well as a free parking lot of more than 200 places.



The city of Abomey, located 145 km from Cotonou, is the living memory of the glorious past of Dahomey Kingdom. King Behanzin, the most famous of all its monarchs, fought very hard against French colonial invasion.

The city has many hotel infrastructures for all budgets.

Hôtel Guédévy 1

This hotel is located in the district of Doguemey and offers 80 rooms and bungalows, 21 of which are equipped with fans and 59 air-conditioned. The hotel also has a bar, a restaurant, a conference room and a parking lot.

Tel +229 22 50 01 35, E-mail:

Motel d’Abomey

This accommodation venue has 50 rooms, bungalows and suites, equipped with fans or air-conditioned, and also a restaurant, a night club, conference rooms and a parking lot. It is located in city centre.



The city of Ketou is located 145 km north-east of Porto-Novo. It is the hotbed of Yoruba arts.

Several accommodation venues are available in the city.

Résidences Céline Hôtel Kétou

This hotel offers suites, double and single rooms according to international norms, as well as well equipped conference rooms.


Confidence Hotel Kétou

The hotel has an air-conditioned suite and rooms equipped with fans or air-condition.

Tel: +229 64 37 84 65


The city of Savalou is located 237 km from Cotonou, in the Department of “Collines” in the centre of Benin. It is a city with a hilly landscape where visitors will enjoy the scenery.

Several hotels are available in Savalou.

F&F Hotel

F&F is a pleasant hotel in city centre. It has 25 air-conditioned rooms.

Tel: + 229 67 72 01 00

Benin Calypso Hotel
Opened in August 2015, the hotel has all kinds of rooms for its guests.


The city of Dassa-Zoumè is located in the centre of Benin, 209 km north of Cotonou. It is a gateway city crossed by national roads, a section of which leads to the north-east (Savé, Parakou, Kandi, Malanville and Niger) and the second section leads to the north-west (Djougou, Natitingou, natural park of Pendjari and Burkina Faso). The city also hosts a major annual pilgrimage of the Catholic Church to the Marian Grotto of Arigbo.

Several accommodation facilities are in the city.

JECO Hotel

JECO Hôtel is located just at the entrance of the city of Dassa, a short distance from the Marian Grotto of Arigbo, approx. 200 m from the national road leading to the main crossroads of Dassa. The hotel has spacious presidential suites, air-conditioned rooms and conference and meeting rooms. It also has a swimming pool and Wi-Fi is available.


Auberge de Dassa-Zoumé

This accommodation venue is close to the main crossroads of Dassa. It has 12 rooms, a meeting room and Wi-Fi connection.

Tel. +229 22 53 00 98, E-mail:


Parakou is the biggest city in the north of Benin, 415 km away from Cotonou. It has many hotels of all standards.

Hôtel Soleil d’Afrique

Located in the neighbourhood of Gbira, this hotel has 33 rooms with Wi-Fi, a cyber centre, a restaurant and a swimming pool.

Tel. +229 23 61 17 82

Loft Resort Hotel

This hotel is situated 150 meters from the University of Parakou. It proposes various kinds of rooms and suites.



The city of Natitingou is located in the north-west of Benin, in the Department of Atakora, 645 km from Cotonou. Several accommodation venues are available in the city.

Hôtel Kaba

Hôtel KABA is situated the district of Ourbouga at the entrance to the city. It has 40 rooms.


Hôtel Tata Somba

Hôtel Tata Somba, inspired from the traditional architecture of local fortified castles called “Tata Somba”, is located in the district of Tchirinmina. It has 25 rooms for guests.

Tel: +229 23 82 11 24 / 23 82 20 99 / 23 82, E-mail:







The city of Tanguiéta is in the north-west of Benin. It has a hilly landscape. It is close to the “Pendjari” national park and the “W” park.

The city has several accommodation facilities for tourists.

Hôtel Baobab

Located off Tanguiéta towards Porga, Hotel Baobab offers 16 bungalows in local architecture with round huts, with air-conditioned double rooms and single rooms equipped with fans. It also offers 10 tents with mattresses for campers

It is frequently used by tourists visiting the “Pendjari” national park.

Yarika district, Tanguiéta, Tel: +229 23 83 02 25

NB: This list of hotels is not comprehensive and is presented only for illustration purposes. To consult the full list of hotels and other accommodation venues in Benin and to make reservations, please contact directly the said hotels or visit the following websites:


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